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Face Mask Testimonials

" The mask is perfect! It has a good fit and style, is easy to use and carry with me and is exactly what I wanted in a mask. It is durable and washes well. I bought two for my husband and me and just ordered two more. I highly recommend it!"  -  Ann V.

"Love our masks! Very well made! Fantastic detail. Durable fabric for sure, fits perfectly too!"        - Lisa S.

"Love the masks."  - Sarah D.

"Very well made. Comfortable. Like them being adjustable." Richard K.

"Unbelievable well made mask. I feel so protected." - Kit O.

"The masks look and feel great. They are comfortable to wear. I'm going to order them for my whole family."  - Linda G.

"I have ordered multiple masks but yours are by far the most comfortable and actually fit properly. They are great." - Ron (France)

"They are so soft, so comfortable, so easy to breathe through." - Mike K.

"Wow! This is nice!" - Ellery S.

"I bought 4 for my family. My 85 yr. old mother loves hers and wears it all the time! Great masks!"     - Melanie D.

"It's easy to breathe , even up here @ 10K feet. Loved & lost mine. Got 2 more a comin. Thx Doctor Dre!!! " - Evan S.

THE SCHOOL OF THE HEART Workshops and Online Programs


The School of The Heart - TSOTH was created thousands of years ago by Masters that understood that the only way to remember who we really are is to reconnect with the energy of the Heart. 

Master Daniel Mitel works with masters all over the world, helping people remember how it is to live from the Heart.

Egypt Sacred Journey 1st Initiation Meditation - Online Program

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Heart Imagery Yin Energy Series - Online Program

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Intuitive Child - Online Program

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Extended Light Body Meditation A New Beginning for 2020 - Online Program

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"The one who looks without Dreams, the one who looks within Awakens."  - adapted from Carl Jung

Dream To Awaken Workshops and Journeys

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"I found the truth. It was hidden behind the couch all along."
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