Dream to Awaken Journal

Vegan Leather Journal, high quality, sophisticated design with magic dreaming gold foil on edges to inspire unlimited potential (that's the intention anyway!), embossed prosperity Owl on front cover, 200 unlined pages in size 8 3/8" x 5 3/4". This journal is to inspire Awakening, Healing, Manifestation and Freedom through your Dreams. Many ancient traditions and modern discoveries focus on the importance of Dreaming.  It is a powerful way to expand awareness, release outworn beliefs, awaken from the old Dream and create a new Dream from the heart. Use this journal for dream recall, explore your dreams, record experiences, write observations, draw images and symbols to study, track to discover meaning and purpose. Included is a 100% cotton natural reusable tea bath bag for you to prepare for your nights journey. Fill with high quality herbs for your bath to relieve stress, to relax and to easily enter the dream state. Visit the Dreaming page for dream exercises, techniques, tea bath herbal recipes and more... May your journey to awakening begin in your dreams...

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