Dream To Awaken Workshops and Journeys

Awaken to the New Earth Emerging !!

Connect in Unity with other spiritual warriors and Dream the New Earth into existence. "Spiritual warriors" is a term used by Don Miguel Ruiz to express the strong and unbending intent of those who know that the strongest creative power we have, as humans, is the Heart. When we commit to the path of Heart we become spiritual warriors of our lives by living in the Heart. We know that BEING IN JOY IS OUR TRUEST POWER. It is not about denial of what is present, it is about embracing ALL of our authentic human experience. When we experience all of ourself from the Heart, our lives become what we are meant to be. Everything works out. Everything unfolds as it meant to be because the Heart knows what to do. The Heart knows best. Our ascension becomes a process of letting go of beliefs that keep us enslaved the the past and future. We trust our Heart and follow its guidance by living in the present moment and opening to all that is in our experience. As we embody this way of living from our Heart we come to realize our full potential. We come to our true home.