My name is Dréanna and I created House of Jaguar for you, the dreamer, the creative spirit, the artist, designer, nature lover, truth seeker, world traveler and for those with a discriminating taste for the unusual, non-ordinary, high quality and bohemian sophistication...

The back story....

 I am a classically trained clothing designer and shamanic practitioner. I received a BFA degree in fashion design from Parsons School of Design in Los Angeles and designed collections for major manufacturers for many years. I also graduated the 4 year shamanic mystery school, the Lynn Andrews Center for Sacred Arts and Training, received Ordination and am now a mentor at the school. I immersed myself deeply into a Toltec Dreaming group for several years in L.A. led by apprentices of Don Miguel Ruiz (author of The Four Agreements) and traveled many times to Teotihuacan where we applied practical field work of his shamanic teachings. I recently received certification from the Awakening The Illuminated Heart ( ATIH ) workshop created by Drunvalo Melchizadek and Heart Imagery Teachers Certification through the School of the Heart - TSOTH led by Master Daniel Mitel.

While studying shamanism, my search for truth and meaning obviously led me to the sacred sites and people of ancient Mexico. I discovered a secret world of profound beauty, mystery and sacred knowledge. Deep in the Mayan jungles and the Toltec highlands, the mysteries revealed a forgotten knowledge and ancient way of life... by living in the Heart for the purpose of awakening consciousness and ascension.

House of Jaguar is inspired from these beautiful lands, the land of the jaguar which has so many stories to tell, to teach us how to "Dream Heaven on Earth." To live in peace, in harmony and in abundance with the beauty of life.... so many answers to so many questions are here.

It's true...  I am in love with the dreamers of Ancient Mexico and want to inspire you to seek the ancient wisdom, knowledge and technology of the indigenous cultures. They hold the key to our future, the New Earth.

ALL the answers are there waiting to be recovered and remembered so we can reawaken, ascend to higher levels of consciousness and free ourselves to be the shining light beings we are meant to be.