Bath Stones - Pure Love

Bath Stones - Pure Love

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Robert Simmons collection of high frequency stones to use for your bath. Use in the bath our around the tub...

PURE LOVE  Bath Stones

Each bag contains approximately 1.5 lbs of the following stones:
Madagascar Rose Quartz -
Love, gentleness, emotional healing, release of stress, uniting with the Divine.
Rosophia -
Awakening of Heart Awareness, co-creating with the Soul of the World, mystic union with one's true self, bringing Heaven and Earth together. 
Pink Azeztulite* -
Deep heart awareness, emotional healing, serenity, compassion.

*Azozeo Super-Activated Stone!

To learn more about these high frequency stones buy Robert Simmons book here

“The combination includes Madagascar Rose Quartz for the vibration of human love (for self and others), plus Rosophia for the experience of receiving and sharing the World’s love. The third component, Pink Azeztulite, helps one to feel and understand the Divine Love that manifests itself as inner Light. Meditative bathing with these stones can facilitate the experience of receiving and offering Pure Love on all of these levels”  —Robert Simmons.

"I love Azeztulite, in all its variety of colors, shapes and beautiful vibrations. Among the entire mineral kingdom, I have not encountered another stone that activates so much inner Light. I have watched literally thousands of people connect with Azeztulite, and the experience is unfailingly positive, and frequently profound. I relish the magical moments when I witness someone holding an Azeztulite and gradually (or suddenly) feeling its gentle yet powerful energies sweep through him or her. I have spent over twenty years seeking out Azeztulites in different forms, and in different parts of the world. My wife and I even moved from the USA to New Zealand, at least in part, to be among the wonderful Sauralite Azeztulites found in that lovely country." - Robert Simmons